Hippies Never Die: Freewheelin' from Europe to India


Roger Rea is one of those lucky people who, early on, realized that he didn't want to be part of the 9-to-5, dog-eat-dog, "choose a job, career, family, big television, washing machine, fixed-interest mortgage repayments, starter home, three-piece suit" lifestyle - in other words, the System. He heard the music, trusted his instincts, and followed his intuition from Switzerland to Jamaica, Morocco and, eventually, all the way to India. Then he did it again, and again, in a Mercedes-Benz coach that he custom remodeled into a home-on-wheels for himself and some passengers. He bought here, sold there, and made friends (and lovers) wherever he went. He had some close calls at borders around the world, but managed to cheat death, and jail, every time. He's a hitherto unsung, outlaw hero, whose memoir has finally been published.


--Max Demo, author of Essential Praxis: Psycho-Philosophy